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Scuba Diving with a Waterproof Notebook

The durability, ease of use, and flexibility of a small waterproof notebook makes this an essential accessory to your scuba diving gear.

New Belt Clip Pen Is Quick On The Draw

Our new All-Weather Belt Clip Pen is ready for any jobsite. Pressurized ink rolls through tough conditions and a jumbo clip hooks right into your toolbelt or pocket.

Stash Anywhere, Write Everywhere With Our New Pocket Pen

Tuck this tiny pen into any bag or pocket and count on it to write anywhere on Earth thanks to a pressurized cartridge of weather-fast Rite in the Rain ink.

Ring the Bell on Weatherproof Back-To-School Supplies

As you make your back to schoolschool supply list, we have a few recommendations from our line of the toughest writing products around.

The Rite in the Rain Elements Color Series

Mother Nature is both a friend and a fierce opponent to our weatherproof notebooks. Our new Elements color series embodies our purpose to embrace and defy Mother Nature.

The Rite in the Rain All-Weather Legal Pad

What you write or print on Rite in the Rain paper is going to stay put, no matter the conditions. Our weatherproof legal pad resists moisture and protects your field notes and printed documents from the elements.

The Outdoor Journal Series, Now at REI

A new lineup of All-Weather Writing Products is now available at REI. Used around the world by outdoor professionals, this lineup is aimed more towards outdoor enthusiasts.

Are Rite in the Rain products environmentally friendly?

Our All-Weather Writing Products are made to defeat the elements and defy Mother Nature, but they are also made in a way that protects Mother Nature.

How Tough Is Rite in the Rain?

Our All-Weather notebooks are torture-tested in extreme conditions around the world every day. Don't take our word for it that our products are tough - hear what our rugged customers have to say.

The Rite in the Rain Centennial Series

Originally invented in 1916, After a century of battling Mother Nature to protect your notes, we are proud to present our limited-edition Centennial Bound Books.

Field Portrait: The Red Hot in Tacoma, WA

Covered with hot dog toppings and spilled beer, Rite in the Rain index cards are hard at work keeping The Red Hot's epic selection of 30+ beers pouring smoothly. Take a minute to watch our video story!

Which cover material should I choose?

Rite in the Rain notebooks come in three cover materials: Fabrikoid, Field-Flex, and Polydura. This post explains the differences between these materials and discusses a few situations in which you might want to pick one material over the others.