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Product Info

What is Rite in the Rain?

Rite in the Rain is a patented, environmentally responsible, All-Weather Writing Paper that sheds water, allowing you to write anywhere, in any weather. From the torrential downpours in the Pacific Northwest to the blistering heat and humidity of a Florida summer day, Rite in the Rain is able to provide users around the world with an effective means with which to write, protect, and keep valuable information.

Using a pencil or all-weather pen, Rite in the Rain ensures your notes survive the rigors of the field, regardless of the conditions. All-weather products include bound books, notebooks, loose leaf, printer paper, and all-weather pens. Custom printing is also available.

For over 100 years, Rite in the Rain has been the All-Weather Paper solution for outdoor professionals worldwide.

What do I write with?


Use a standard pencil or an all-weather pen in any weather condition and your notes will endure. Pencils and pressurized pens write through water, grease, and mud.


Permanent markers and standard ballpoint pens will work when paper is dry. What you've written won't wash off. That said, they may have difficulties writing when paper is wet.


Don't use gel pens, highlighters, or fountain pens. Water-based inks will bead or wash off Rite in the Rain Paper.

Rite in the Rain vs. Regular Paper vs. Synthetic

Unlike plain paper, Rite in the Rain won't turn to mush when exposed to:

And, unlike synthetics (including paper made from rock dust held together with plastic), Rite in the Rain won't melt with extreme heat, can be recycled, and doesn't stretch or "dent" when used.

Environmental Impact


In spite of Rite in the Rain's durability, it’s as recyclable as standard office paper, which is untrue of synthetic plastic, poly-coated, or poly-bound papers. Simply recycle Rite in the Rain as you do other office paper. Furthermore, all our cover materials used on Rite in the Rain products (Polydura, Field-Flex, and Fabrikoid) are all recyclable using standard curbside recycling programs. For recycling Wire-O products, it’s recommended to separate the metal wire from the book prior to putting it all in the receptacle.


The process involved in the manufacture of Rite in the Rain paper was designed to have ultra-low impact on the environment. The water based coating process emits only steam and all mill off-cuts are recycled back into the paper-manufacturing stream. All printing plates and processing liquids are recycled. 100% of printing inks are soy based. The modern facility and equipment are designed to be energy efficient.


Rite in the Rain All-Weather Paper is a patented substrate created for use in outdoor writing situations. Since this paper is designed for use in extreme conditions, it is manufactured with the most durable yet recyclable components available. Recycled content pulp, as a result of the repulping & reprocessing involved in recycling, produces a “weaker” substrate due to the shortened fibers. This inherent weakness reduces the field-durability of paper and as such, is not used in the manufacturing of Rite in the Rain Paper. It is one of the rare instances where virgin fiber adds significantly to the end-product function. Papers designed for “office or indoor” uses do not require this strength and as such can contain recycled fiber. Rite in the Rain fibers are purchased from SFI certified sources, manufactured with high environmental and social standards.



While Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are present in small amounts in our environment due to human use and past manufacturing practices worldwide, we at JL Darling (Rite in the Rain) do not knowingly incorporate any into our products or processes. More specifically, the technology we use to make Rite in the Rain Paper waterproof (the same formula we have used for decades) does not contain PFAS substances.
Third party, independent lab results are available by request. For PFAS test results, please contact us at

Archival Grade Paper

Rite in the Rain 20 & 32 lb. papers meet the archival criteria laid out by ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992 (R2002). This means Rite in the Rain is an archival quality paper and will last several hundred years under normal use. So... not only will it survive the elements, Rite in the Rain will survive the attic! Most products are made from these two grades.

Printer Paper Instructions

Rite in the Rain PRINTER PAPER

Photocopy or laser print your own all-weather forms, charts, maps, and worksheets on patented Rite in the Rain Printer Paper.

  • What you print or write WILL NOT rub or wash off in harsh conditions.
  • No need to laminate. For just pennies a sheet, Rite in the Rain enables you to work efficiently, regardless of the environment.
  • Unlike synthetics, Rite in the Rain won't collect a static charge while printing, causing sheets to bind together and jam your machine.
  • Also, unlike some synthetics, there is NO RISK of Rite in the Rain melting in your laser printer or photocopier and damaging your fuser rollers.
  • Rite in the Rain is NOT FOR INKJET PRINTERS. Water-based inks will bead up and wash off the sheet.
  • Rite in the Rain CAN BE printed on both sides.
  • When you're finished with the sheets, they can be recycled with standard office paper.
Printer Paper Instructions - Long Grain (pdf)
Style Size Paper Weights
Letter 8.5 x 11 20#, 32#
Legal 8.5 x 14 20#, 32#
Poster 12 x 18 20#, 32#
Printer Paper Instructions - Short Grain (pdf)
Style Size Paper Weights
Card 5 x 7 100#
Letter 8.5 x 11 100#, 175#
Tabloid 11 x 17 20#, 32#, 100#


DuraCopy is a synthetic stock for use in the harshest conditions. Your dive logs, maps, and documents will be safe, even in periods of prolonged submersion.

  • What you print won't rub or wash off, even underwater.
  • Resists tearing, can be folded, cut, perforated or hole punched.
  • Unlike other synthetics, there is no risk of melting in your machine.
  • NOT FOR INKJET PRINTERS. Copy or laser print both sides!
Rite in the Rain vs. Duracopy

Rite in the Rain Printer Paper is a wood-based all-weather paper. Recycle it with standard office paper. DuraCopy is a waterproof, tear resistant, high-temperature synthetic laser printer stock made for extreme conditions or underwater use. It can be recycled in any residential or commercial plastics recycling program that accepts this classification:

  • DuraCopy is a synthetic and will survive indefinitely underwater.
  • Neither Rite in the Rain nor DuraCopy will melt in your printer.
  • What's printed on the sheet will not wash off either stock.
  • Rite in the Rain performs better with writing instruments.
  • Rite in the Rain folds, tears, burns, and recycles like standard paper.
Pencil Refill Instructions


The video below demonstrates how to "load" the Mechanical Clicker Pencil's lead and how to "free the lead" if it should become jammed.

All-Weather Guarantee

If failure occurs during normal use, please send us a written and photographic description of the failure to We'll check out what's wrong and respond with how we're going to make it Rite.



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Can I order a Custom Product?

Sure can! We run custom jobs all the time. To start the process, please complete our Custom Printing Questionnaire.

Return Policy

Merchandise cannot be accepted for return unless authorization has been granted. No returns are authorized past 90 days from date of invoice. A restocking fee of 15% of the product's original cost will be assessed. Items must be returned in "as new" condition. No returns can be accepted on custom printed or imprinted items. To request a return authorization, please contact customer service.

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Most Rite in the Rain GSA products have an NSN number associated with them. Download the 2022 NSN Product List (pdf) for a complete listing. You may also order directly from the GSA Advantage website.


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