How tough are Rite in the Rain notebooks?

How tough are Rite in the Rain notebooks?

Rite in the Rain notebooks are used in extreme conditions around the world. There's a reason why our books are ubiquitous among geologists - Rite in the Rain protects their notes from rain, mud, and bad weather. Our books are popular among construction workers because they hold up if they get run over by a truck on the jobsite.

We test our books in-house, but the true torture-tests of our products happen in the hands of working professionals battling the elements every day on the job. We hear from stories and testimonials all the time from customers who regularly work in brutal weather. Take it from them - there's nothing out there that will protect your notes from Mother Nature like a Rite in the Rain notebook.

Paul the Painter

Pipes break. Roofs leak. Water creeps into foundations. Properties require maintenance, and Paul is the kind of jack-of-all-trades home repair superhero we all wish we had in our contacts.

Thirty years of time-tested industry knowledge and repair wizardry is all scribbled into his worn collection of Rite in the Rain notebooks. One glance at these books tells you all you need to know about a day on Paul's job. Through harsh conditions and rough use, our books have held on to keep Paul's invaluable notes legible.

Charlotte the Mountaineer

In 2014, Charlotte kayaked a long portion of the route of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark down the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington. Charlotte and her compatriots logged the journey's progress into Rite in the Rain notebooks that would be repeatedly soaked by rain and river water along the way.

Those notebooks, safe and sound, have since been added to Charlotte's collection of adventure journals. One book contains her notes from a summit of Mt. Rainier. Another contains the story her experience in Nepal during a devastating earthquake and landslide.

Despite the time, seasons, and natural disasters that her notebooks have confronted, each is still plainly legible. Charlotte's own handwritten accounts of her adventures will stay fresh and dear to her heart for many years to come.

Matt the Arborist

Under a dense, dripping forest canopy in Northwestern Oregon, arborist Matt Sanchez rustles around in the undergrowth and diligently tapes off trees and brush. Flagged specimens are typically dead or diseased - their removal will clear space for new growth. Matt's work gently breathes new life among the gnarled tangles of old-growth forest, and perpetuates the cycle of life in these woods.

Matt goes into the field every day with just two pieces of essential equipment - his tape and his Rite in the Rainnotebook. The ground he covers and the samples he flags are noted meticulously into a yellow notebook, now soiled and wrinkled from years of daily use in fickle weather. Every note jotted in has held strong. Class notes from college and documentation of years of work as an arborist are as legible now as when they were written many years and storms ago.

Blog No. 4 - Posted January February 8th, 2016