The All-Weather Legal Pad by Rite in the Rain

The All-Weather Legal Pad by Rite in the Rain

Our patented weatherproof paper has endured the elements for a century, carried into the field by outdoor professionals around the world. Our most successful products always seem to be the ones that are the most versatile. You might be surprised to know how many people write lengthy field notes into our smallest notebooks just because they value the flexibility and small size.

That in mind, we're happy to introduce our All-Weather Legal Pad. This may yet be our most versatile product ever. It's durable, it's our most economical large-format book, and it allows users to take advantage of our weatherproof paper through their pens or their printers.

The defining feature of this book (aside from All-Weather toughness, of course) is the ability to cleanly remove its perforated pages and run them through a laser printer to create weatherproof, archival-grade documents.

The LP785 has a durable PolyTag back cover and a thick 100# cover sheet, both printed with helpful rulers and reference material. The book has 35 pages of 20# Rite in the Rain paper, tinted gray to cut glare. The Universal Grid page pattern accomodates writing, charting, mapping, and other applications. Our tough Wire-O spiral binding can take a beating in the field without getting bent out of shape. Our paper survives in storage for a lifetime, can be easily recycled, and is made exclusively from sustainably-sourced lumber.

We notice that our products are often an 'emergency-use' item. When the conditions get nasty, out comes Rite in the Rain. For that purpose, our All-Weather Legal Pad is the ultimate product to keep handy. Whether you're taking notes or printing forms in adverse conditions, the Legal Pad is perfect for the task.

LP785 (single) $9.95:
LP785XZ3 (3-pack) $24.95:

Blog No. 7 - Posted December 29, 2016