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Field Portrait: The Red Hot in Tacoma, WA

Rite in the Rain notebooks are made to endure harsh conditions, and life behind the bar certainly counts. At The Red Hot, a popular Tacoma brewhouse, frothy mugs of local beer and hot dogs piled with toppings slide over the counter throughout the day. Once the beer starts pouring and the hot dogs start flying out of the kitchen, things get messy.

The Red Hot runs over 30 taps at a given time, each fed by a chilly keg from the cooler room in back. Once a keg expires, a completely new beer takes its place on the line. This system means that there's always new, fresh beer pouring. The always-rotating selection would be impossible for bar staff to manage from memory, so they needed a system that would help them keep it all straight.

That's where our All-Weather Index Cards come in. Each keg in the cooler room gets one of our green index cards labeled with important details like the beer's name, ABV, city of origin, type, brewery, and even staff and customer notes. When a new tap gets hooked up, its index card is taken up front so that the big chalkboard menu can be updated and so that the staff have a physical reference for the beer.

Because The Red Hot relies so heavily on these cards, they couldn't settle for something that would fall apart at the first drop of Wingman Brewers' P-51 Porter. Fortunately, Rite in the Rain index cards handle the mess without issue. They survive constant transportation from the icy cooler room to the sticky bar. Rogue hot dog toppings and spilled beer shake right off. It's a beautiful system. Bartenders stay informed, there's always new beer to try, and the menu is always accurate. If you find yourself in Tacoma, swing by The Red Hot and see it all for yourself.

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Blog No. 22 - Posted October 16, 2015