The Rite in the Rain Centennial Series

The Rite in the Rain Centennial Series

Rite in the Rain was originally founded in 1916, and our mission has never changed in our long history: we make durable writing products that defend your notes from the elements. Through rain, sweat, snow, grease, and mud, Rite in the Rain products have now battled Mother Nature for a century.
In honor of this milestone, we are proud to present our Centennial Series of All-Weather Notebooks.

The goal of the Centennial Series was to develop flagship books that proudly embody our heritage. These books are steeped in our history and are borne from your input. We surveyed hundreds of our customers as we developed our Centennial Series, and these two books are the outcome of that collaboration.
The large 100-LG and the compact 100-M are our most feature-packed books to date.
Convenient Sizes - The 100-LG measures 6.75” x 8.75” and the smaller 100-M measures 4.25” x 6.75” - small enough to slip into a cargo or jacket pocket.
Colors - A storm-gray cover wraps around fog-grey pages in tribute to the rainy climate of Washington State, our home throughout our history.
Dot Grid Pattern - A ¼” dot-grid page pattern subtly guides your hand as you write or sketch without interfering with your work.

Numbered and Perforated Pages - Cleanly remove a page to leave a note or locate an important data point on a certain page; numbered and perforated pages are extremely versatile.
Bookmark - A sleek, silver ribbon is bound into the book to hold your place between uses.
Historical Touches - We included a brief chronicle of our history as well as some vintage touches including “Darling Duck”, our old mascot.

Reference Material - Featuring a conversion chart, table of contents page, 3-year calendar, and contact information pages, these books are filled with productive materials.
Rear Pocket - A vinyl sleeve in the back of both notebooks accommodates important papers , index cards, and other materials
Toughness - Even our most luxurious books retain our trademark toughness. Both the 100-LG and the 100-M are made to battle the elements.

While these books proudly tell the story of our past, they also demonstrate our commitment to listening to our customers to drive our future.
Rite in the Rain - Defying Mother Nature since 1916.

Blog No. 3 - Posted November 18, 2015