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Are Rite in the Rain products environmentally friendly? Rite in the Rain All-Weather Writing Products are made to defy Mother Nature, but we make them in a way that also protects her. Through sustainably renewable material sourcing, commitment to recycling, and instituting an emissions-free production method, our manufacturing process doesn't cause undue harm to the environment.

Sustainability. Material selection is a crucial element of our production process - Rite in the Rain products are expected to perform through rough conditions, so skimping on our raw materials is not an option for us. The paper stock that we purchase has to be tough and resilient. Unfortunately, wet-strength paper simply cannot be made from recycled post-consumer content. Because of its shorter fiber length, recycled paper does not hold together well enough to survive the rigors that our products endure. We still do the very best that we can to ensure that the paper we source is produced in a sustainable fashion. All of the raw paper that we treat is sustainably sourced through providers certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Recycling. Rite in the Rain notebooks are completely recyclable. Our All-Weather Paper goes right in with paper recycling. Our PolyDura covers get sorted as #2 recyclable plastic, and our Wire-O binding get sorted with recyclable metals. Our Fabrikoid and Field-Flex books require no disassembly - you can simply toss them right in with your paper recycling.

Emissions. Our paper treatment process is the foundation of our business - it's the means by which paper becomes Rite in the Rain paper. The original production method was solvent-based and produced industrial emissions, but in 2000, we perfected a water-based treatment process that is far better for the environment. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency has deemed that our facility has "a de minimus impact on air quality and does not pose a threat to humans or the environment".

Other Efforts. Stewardship of the environment is not simply a matter of inspections and certifications - it involves doing the right thing at every small opportunity. The vast majority of our excess production materials are recycled. Each of our administrative staff has a recycling bin at his or her desk. Our shipping department re-uses boxes and packing materials whenever possible. Rite in the Rain products may be made to defeat the elements, but our business is committed to acting as an example of sustainability and stewardship. The natural world is more than just a worthy adversary for our All-Weather products. It is a partner, a resource, and a gift that we are bound to protect.