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25 Meter, Multipurpose Target “TRUE-MIL” Grid

6920-01-660-9191 NSN 6920-01-660-9191 6920016609191 NSN 6920016609191 # 6920-01-660-9191 # 6920016609191 #6920-01-660-9191 NSN# 6920016609191 #6920016609191 NSN #6920016609191 NSN# 6920-01-660-9191 NSN# 6920016609191 NSN #6920-01-660-9191 NSN6920-01-660-9191 NSN6920016609191
Made in America Made America America Made America American Made American Made in the USA Made in USA Made USA USA Made USA Made in the US Made in US Made US US Made Made in the United States of America Made in United States of America Made in United States Made United States United States made true mill true-mill multipurpose true moa multipurpose true-moa 25 m target 25m target 25 meter target 25 meter zeroing 25m zeroing 25 m zeroing multipurpose target target multipurpose zeroing target tactical target military targets tactical targets

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