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Stapled Notebook (3-pack)

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6.625" x 8.5", Universal Pattern
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Made in America Made America America Made America American Made American Made in the USA Made in USA Made USA USA Made USA Made in the US Made in US Made US US Made Made in the United States of America Made in United States of America Made in United States Made United States United States made 6.625 x 8.5 in 6.625x8.5 in 6.625”x8.5” in 6.625 x 8.5 stapled 6.625x8.5 stapled 6.625”x8.5” stapled 6.625 x 8.5 notebook 4.625x8.5 notebook 6.625”x8.5” notebook 6.625 x 8.5 notepad 4.625x8.5 notepad 4.625”x8.5” notepad 6.625 x 8.5 pad 6.625x8.5 pad 6.625”x8.5” pad stapled book stapled notebook stapled note book stapled note pad stapled pad stapled notepad green stapled green stapled notebook green notebook green note book green notepad green note pad green pad green 6.625 x 8.5 in green 6.625x8.5 in green 6.625”x8.5” in green universal stapled universal green notebook universal green note book universal green pad universal stapled notebook universal stapled note book stapled green universal green universal stapled staple notebook staple book staple note book large stapled large staple 3-pack 3 pack pack


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3 pack

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