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100-Meter Sniper Target, "True-MIL" Grid

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Versatile sniper target facilitates 100-meter zero and effective target practice. The No. 9131 is a dedicated milliradian-based target for precision shooters. Its 1 cm (1/10 mil at 100 meters) grid is designed for true-distance zeroing. A 1 cm block within the central diamond defines the point of aim when using high-magnification optics. Scaled bullseye and scoring rings represent an MR-1 target presented at 500 meters. 1, 2, and 3 MOA rings check grouping in accordance with published standards. Pre-formatted fields assist in the calculation of data on previous engagements (DOPE). Durable and weatherproof Rite in the Rain cardstock holds up under rain and through abuse to deliver well-defined groups, no matter the conditions.


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#100 Rite in the Rain
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2.3 lbs.