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25-Meter Multipurpose Target, "True-MIL" Grid

Sheet Size:
8.5 x 11
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“True-MIL” grid provides long-needed solution for milliradian-adjusted aiming devices. At last, a zeroing target dedicated to mil-adjusted aiming devices. The 9130 is printed with a 1/10-MIL grid (at 25 meters) that enables precise and efficient adjustments with no conversion required. A reference table refreshes the shooter on the appropriate increment and direction of adjustment for common aiming devices. Leading lines and a central diamond clearly define the point of aim, and intuitive scoring rings expand the utility of the target for various marksmanship exercises. Durable and weatherproof Rite in the Rain cardstock holds up under rain and through abuse to deliver well-defined groups, no matter the conditions. Also available in a 25-pack.


Paper Color:
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Number of Sheets:
100 sheets