2018 Rite in the Rain Tactical Holiday Gift Guide

2018 Holiday Gift Guide
Hunting and Marksmanship Gift Ideas

Shooting enthusiasts are always tough to buy for, especially the more advanced at their craft. It seems like they have all the gear already, right?

We've compiled a brief list of stocking stuffers and unique gifts that any hobby shooter, hunter, or service member would love.

Tactical Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Weatherproof Zeroing/Sight-In Target

"Zeroing" is the calibration of the scope to the rifle, and is an important preparation for any hunt or day at the range. Our zeroing targets hold up to poor weather to produce legible adjustments, and feature a scaled grid for use at 25, 50, 100, or even 200 yards. These targets would be an affordable and useful gift for any passionate shooter.


Weatherproof Pistol and Close-Range Target

This high-visibility, weather-resistant shooting target is printed double-sided with the two most-used competitive target designs (silhouette and bullseye). At 8.5" x 11", this small target is ideal for indoor ranges with maximum target sizes and distance limitations. A white-and-orange color scheme helps the shooter spot their shots from the line.


Weatherproof Long-Range/Silhouette Target

This versatile, 11" x 17" target is tailor-made for benchrest shooters, AR shooters, pistol training, and more. One side features scaled MOA scoring rings and the other features a 2/3 scale silhouette for tactical drills. No matter the exercise and no matter the weather, this target is ready for action.


Multicam 3" x 5" Notebook and Pen Kit

Featuring our weatherproof pocket notebook, MultiCam CORDURA ® fabric organizer, and a pressurized All-Weather Pen, this writing kit has all the basics for field notes. From hunting notes to training notes to rifle adjustments to grocery lists, our tough kits protect your writings from weather.


Multicam 4" x 6" Notebook and Pen Kit

Advanced shooters rely on DOPE, or "Data On Previous Engagements" to predict scope adjustments to hit targets at various distances. DOPE is an important exercise for any long-range competitive shooter or hunter, and this handy notebook kit is just the right size to record all of the necessary info.


All-Weather .375 MAG Pen

Our No. 86 pen is the ultimate stocking stuffer for the rifleman in your family. It's a great replica of a .375 MAG round, and it has a beautiful heft that makes for smooth, easy writing. Our pressurized ink cartridge rolls at any angle and even through water.


All-Weather Pen in Flat Dark Earth

Used around the world by members of the military, our No. 97 pen has seen it all. This year, we've introduced a model powder-coated in the popular "Flat Dark Earth" color. Between the all-metal build, stout clip, pressurized and weatherproof ink, and slim profile, this is the ultimate EDC pocket pen.


OD Green 3" x 5" Weatherproof Notebook

If it's worth remembering, it's worth writing down. That's why an everyday carry pocket notebook is such a great thing to have, or gift! At just $4, you can't beat the value of this always-handy notebook that can survive sweat, storms, and even a tumble in the wash without losing any notes.


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