2018 Rite in the Rain Handyman Gift Guide

2018 Holiday Gift Guide
Gift Ideas for the Family Handyman

For the toolmaster who seems to have it all, we've compiled a small list of Rite in the Rain products that make for handy additions to any toolbox.

Nothing on this list goes over $25, so each item could be just the right stocking stuffer for Mr. (or Mrs.) Fix-It.

Affordable Gift Ideas for the Family Handyman

Tough 1.1mm Mechanical Pencil

Forget clunky carpenter pencils and crummy economy pencils - the durable 1.1mm lead and patented tip of our mechanical pencil team up to prevent leads from breaking when you need them most. Keep one in your toolbox for marking cuts and drill holes.


All-Weather Belt Clip Pens

Quick on the draw and reliable in any weather, our RevMark Belt Clip Pen is a perfect toy for the toolman. The unique clip easily draws from your belt or pocket and our pressurized, weatherproof ink writes at any angle and even through water. If you gotta write, it's gonna work.


Weatherproof 3" x 5" Pocket Notebook

Our pocket notebooks are the toughest out there. Made to survive sweat, storms, stains, and even a tumble in the wash, our notebooks save your notes from it all. This 3" x 5" notebook tucks easily into a pocket, toolbox, or work belt and saves critical project notes from disaster.


Weatherproof 458" x 7" Notebook

No matter where you set it, you won't forget it. The Blaze Orange covers on our new line of books prevents loss and our weatherproof paper and materials prevent damage. Save your hard-earned project notes from splashes and stains with the durability of Rite in the Rain.


6" x 9" Top-Spiral Weatherproof Notebook

Perfect size, peerlesss durability, and a handy design define the 169 notebook by Rite in the Rain. Our patented paper survives grease, water, oil, mud and more to save your notes from damage. A nail hole punched at the top of this book lets you post it anywhere in the workshop.


Shirt Pocket Mini Notebook

These diminutive pocket notebooks slip easily into any pant or shirt pocket. If you have to jot down a note or measurement in a pinch, this slim and comfortable notebook will always be ready. If forgotten in the wash, your notes will hang tough on our weatherproof paper.


Durable Pocket Gear Organizer

Our pocket organizer is a simple, no-nonsense pouch for your notebook and your stuff. Two zip pouches that stash screws, pens, wire caps, or tools. Sewn-in loops on the back can be looped horizontally or vertically on a belt so you can use this as a screw or fastener pouch on a quick job.


4" x 6" Notebook, Pen, and Cover Kit

Protect and organize your workshop writing gear with this tough kit. Our notebook shields your notes from stains and spills, our pen cruises at any angle and through moisture, and a durable CORDURA ® fabric cover holds it all together neatly in a pocketable package.


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