2018 Rite in the Rain Affordable Gift Guide

2018 Holiday Gift Guide
Affordable Gift Ideas

Who else is sick of commercials claiming that luxury sedans and international vacations make for "great gifts"? We're sure tired of it.

We hope that this little list of reasonably-priced stocking stuffers has something for everyone on your list.

Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas

Splashproof Recipe Cards

Family recipes are generational heirlooms and we finally have just the right thing to protect them for life. Our patented paper survives storms and stains to protect Nana's treasured bolognese from any kitchen disaster. Each 6x5 card folds in half for compact storage and filing.


Pressurized, All-Weather Pocket Pens

These diminutive pocket pens pop open to reveal a pressurized cartridge that can write at any angle and even through moisture. One for the toolbox, one for the tacklebox, one for the car - no matter where you stash these little guys, they are guaranteed to write in any weather.


Arctic Blue Pocket Notebook

Our pocket notebooks are the toughest out there. Made to survive sweat, storms, stains, and even a tumble in the wash, our notebooks save your notes from it all. Our unusual size is perfect for disappearing into a back pocket or shirt pocket, and you can't beat that price!


Golf Scoring and Yardage Pocket Notebook

The perfect gift for the passionate putter! A yardage section turns a day at the driving range into a vital reference for club selection, and a rich scorebook format helps golfers log penalties, putts, and more as they refine their game. Sweatproof paper even survives a summer in a back pocket.


2019 Pocket Calendar

At last, a pocket calendar actually made to survive the year. Our notebooks are made to endure sweat, storms, and stains, so the PC2019 is well-suited to persevere through any challenge 2019 has in store. Stay on track to check off all of your resolutions for the new year. Just a buck a month!


Side-Spiral Weekly Planner, Undated

This planner isn't fancy or prancy or glitzy. It's just useful, durable, and reasonably-priced. Each weekly spread has plenty of space for each day and a dot grid area for miscellaneous notes. It's undated so you can pick up where you left off if you've slacked on your planning resolutions.


Hardcover Large Notebook

This large, professional notebook makes a graceful statement and lasts for a lifetime. Our weatherproof and archival-grade paper defends your work from Mother Nature and Father Time, so you can rest assured that your notes will read true no matter when or where you read them again.


Tough 1.1mm Mechanical Pencil

This is the toughest mechanical pencil you've used yet. A thick 1.1mm lead and a patented clutch design prevent lead from snapping under duress. For marking lumber in the shop or even just writing with a heavy hand in the office, our tough mechanical pencil is trustworthy and reliable.


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